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08 Apr, 2010

Light Ecologies

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Art report: dedicated spaces for immersive lights by Dan Flavin, James Turrell and Robert Irwin at Villa Panza (Va)

26 Mar, 2010

robot love

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Love these robot sculpures made by Gordon Bennett, every piece is unique, parts are collected from garbage dumps, basements, construction sites and garage sales. Inspired by Norman Bel Geddes designs from the ’40s and ’50s. As the author says, they’re “not meant to be a toy”, but in the end, they are. Be sure to […]

17 Mar, 2010

forever gone

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it didn’t hurt though

03 Mar, 2010

Top Secret Documents

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01 Mar, 2010

prototype 2

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Early seventies japanese Lightweight Assault Vehicle.  Failure due to high cost of artificial intelligence development.

28 Feb, 2010

prototype 1

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When I was a child, the first thing I designed was a Candle-Powered Robot. The heat of the candle from the heart provided the necessary energy for all the movements. I was 3 years old. I’t still the project I’m more proud of.

23 Feb, 2010

pimp my car

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Damn characters, they’re everywhere

17 Feb, 2010

lost in space

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16 Feb, 2010

No country for old men

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Please rescue me from the Big City

08 Feb, 2010


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Walking around in Nuremberg Toy Fair with the new P.T.P (Pinocchi Toys Prototype) we discovered strange attitudes and behaviours we previously ignored: Lumpwick, for example, is always trying to commit suicide but he always fails. Portando a passeggio i nuovi prototipi dei Pinocchi, abbiamo scoperto delle loro caratteristiche che ignoravamo: Lucignolo, ad esempio, cerca sempre […]

19 Gen, 2010

lupus in fabula

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Meant to kill Little Red Riding Hood

15 Dic, 2009

inside the machine

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inside view of a Play Machine from the Next Environment

14 Dic, 2009

Oh mia bèla Madùnina

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“More Saint Lucy’s present for everybody!” “Più regali a Santa Lucia per tutti!”

03 Dic, 2009

Guess who’s back?

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Good to see that someone actually missed me Thanks Thanks Thanks Everybody!!! chu chu Michela!

30 Nov, 2009

clover inspector

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R U ready for the GreenVasion?

24 Nov, 2009

Discipline you need!

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My mum is not a president but has some politic priniciples nonetheless. And knows how to make them respected. best of luck to the new player!

20 Nov, 2009

vintage lover scammed

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Everybody knows my deep love for vintage cheap watches, especially early eighties casio watches. So I bought a F-91W, possibly the best well known out there. After a couple of days I realised I bought a cheap chinese imitation of a cheap japanese watch. And I’m so sad.

19 Nov, 2009


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Reading between the lines you can have a preview of my last work…

17 Nov, 2009

I hate digital

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redescovering friends left behind

13 Nov, 2009


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ste ko? ita, gha! ita, ste gha? ko. ko??? gha…ste:ita! gha! gha! ita ko! ste

02 Nov, 2009

Ho la

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Ho la congiuntivite I’d rather tear my eye apart

23 Ott, 2009


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Mangiafuoco non l’ha raccontata giusta. Ecco come sono andate veramente le cose. FireEater didn’t tell the truth. Here is the real story.

19 Ott, 2009

someone gets an alien probe

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but not for communication purposes

12 Ott, 2009

hardcore prototyping

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something went unexpectedly in the wood workshop!

04 Lug, 2009


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I’ll come back and have my sweet revenge

30 Giu, 2009

Lucky you!

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History of the most underrated graphic character ever.

26 Giu, 2009

Unknown death circumstances

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Maybe swallowed by a shark while swimming in his Neverland facility?

24 Giu, 2009

slightly late, slightly sad

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My last days at Ludiko, with a box full of salt n pepper jars to totemize.

18 Giu, 2009

KUH king of Vegetables

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17 Giu, 2009

Gatto & Volpe Srl

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Trust Our Company: Leader in Financial Trading, Consulting, Management and Everything regarding MONEY. Trust us! Trust us!

Ludiko e' un duo multidisciplinare composto da Andrea Ruschetti aka Ludiko boy e Francesca Mendolia aka Miss Paka.
Ludiko indaga e rivela il significato di GIOCARE/ GIOCO/ GIOCATORE.
"Giocare" come elemento centrale di azione,interazione, percezione e rappresentazione.
"Gioco" come strumento e scenario unico per potenziale espressivo e relazionale.
"Giocatore" come attitudine sociale contemporanea sospesa tra Puer Aeternus e Homo Ludens.
Le manifestazioni di Ludiko prendono forma imprevedibile tra oggetti, immagini, opere, video, performance ed installazioni.
ludikontact >>>>>>>>>>>
Ludiko is a multidisciplinary duo formed by Andrea Ruschetti aka Ludiko boy and Francesca Mendolia aka Miss Paka.
Ludiko investigates and reveals the full meaning of PLAY / GAME/ PLAYER.
"Play" as the central element for action, interaction, perception and representation.
"Game" as a tool, as a setting with a unique expressive and relational potential.
"Player" as a contemporary social attitude suspended between the PuerEternus and the Homo Ludens.
The manifestations by Ludiko reveal unexpected forms between objects, images, artworks, performances & installations.
ludikontact >>>>>>>>>>>
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