08 Mar, 2009

the liverpool regiment

Posted by: boy In: ludiko

* TYPE= [ button ]
* NAME=CDATA Liverpool Regiment
* VALUE=CDATA 80 cents
* SIZE=CDATA diam 1.6
* SRC=URI bambinello ges√Ļ
* ALT=CDATA the grandmother kept it for 50+ years
* USEMAP=URI walks with the kid after its finding
* ALIGN=[bottom]  on the right foot
* DISABLED (disable element) helpful to disarm dangers
* READONLY (prevent changes)  war is over
* ACCESSKEY= (shortcut key) toy attack
* TABINDEX=Number (position in tabbing order) 6th of March
* ONFOCUS=Script (element received focus) I am a player
* ONBLUR=Script (element lost focus) The uniform
* ONSELECT=Script (element text selected)  soon upgrade
* ONCHANGE=Script (element value changed) soon upgrade
* ATTRIBUTES= Secret keys (known-unknown elements) you  can not know how the  button has arrived  in Calabria, but  you can know the reason why.  Lady Francesca Marino’s Grandkid of the Universe has the
same deep and unique attitude of a Liverpool Grandson called John.
Both of them are uncommon in mind and behaviour. They claim the universal
power of goodness. They believe that humans has only to fight for making
love. There may not be much difference between him and John if they show their dreams. One have had free multipowers, one has multipowers to be freed.
It was  just strictly necessary that the button had been found by him,  as
far it is strictly necessary that he will loose it swimming alone under the
rain in Liverpool City or in somewhere else rainpool.
.  * ONTRUE=Script (b-side logic) A real grandmother can  be the keeper of
your cross-living powerful  button as a fake grandfather can be the keeper
of your inner & loveful power.
* ONOFF= Play (keep ON) The Grandkid of the Universe is in the right shoe. He can push the button, yes he can.
Ludiko e' un duo multidisciplinare composto da Andrea Ruschetti aka Ludiko boy e Francesca Mendolia aka Miss Paka.
Ludiko indaga e rivela il significato di GIOCARE/ GIOCO/ GIOCATORE.
"Giocare" come elemento centrale di azione,interazione, percezione e rappresentazione.
"Gioco" come strumento e scenario unico per potenziale espressivo e relazionale.
"Giocatore" come attitudine sociale contemporanea sospesa tra Puer Aeternus e Homo Ludens.
Le manifestazioni di Ludiko prendono forma imprevedibile tra oggetti, immagini, opere, video, performance ed installazioni.
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Ludiko is a multidisciplinary duo formed by Andrea Ruschetti aka Ludiko boy and Francesca Mendolia aka Miss Paka.
Ludiko investigates and reveals the full meaning of PLAY / GAME/ PLAYER.
"Play" as the central element for action, interaction, perception and representation.
"Game" as a tool, as a setting with a unique expressive and relational potential.
"Player" as a contemporary social attitude suspended between the PuerEternus and the Homo Ludens.
The manifestations by Ludiko reveal unexpected forms between objects, images, artworks, performances & installations.
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